PaStiX Handbook  6.3.2
coeftab_zcinit.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "blend/solver.h"
#include "bcsc/bcsc.h"
#include "sopalin/coeftab.h"
#include "sopalin/coeftab_z.h"
#include "sopalin/coeftab_c.h"
#include "pastix_zccores.h"
#include "pastix_ccores.h"

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void cpucblk_zcinit (pastix_coefside_t side, const SolverMatrix *solvmtx, const pastix_bcsc_t *bcsc, pastix_int_t itercblk, const char *directory)
 Fully initialize a single mixed-precision cblk. More...

Detailed Description

Mixed-Precision dependent coeficient array initialization routines.

Xavier Lacoste
Pierre Ramet
Mathieu Faverge
Esragul Korkmaz
Brieuc Nicolas
Generated arithmetic file
from /builds/solverstack/pastix/sopalin/coeftab_zcinit.c, mixed zc -> zc, Wed Dec 13 12:09:47 2023

Definition in file coeftab_zcinit.c.

Function Documentation

◆ cpucblk_zcinit()

void cpucblk_zcinit ( pastix_coefside_t  side,
const SolverMatrix solvmtx,
const pastix_bcsc_t *  bcsc,
pastix_int_t  itercblk,
const char *  directory 

Fully initialize a single mixed-precision cblk.

The cblk is allocated, intialized from the bcsc, and compressed if necessary.

[in]sideDefine which side of the matrix must be initialized.
  • PastixLCoef if lower part only
  • PastixUCoef if upper part only
  • PastixLUCoef if both sides.
[in]solvmtxThe solver matrix data structure.
[in]bcscThe internal block CSC structure to fill-in the matrix.
[in]itercblkThe index of the cblk to initialize.
[in,out]directoryThe pointer to the temporary directory where to store the output files. Used only if PASTIX_DEBUG_DUMP_COEFTAB is defined.

Try to compress the cblk if needs to be compressed

Definition at line 63 of file coeftab_zcinit.c.

References solver_matrix_s::cblktab, solver_cblk_s::cblktype, coeftabComputeCblkILULevels(), cpucblk_calloc(), cpucblk_ccompress(), cpucblk_cdumpfile(), cpucblk_zcfillin(), solver_cblk_s::ctrbcnt, solver_matrix_s::globalalloc, pastix_lr_s::ilu_lvl, and solver_matrix_s::lowrank.