PaStiX Handbook  6.3.0
core_drqrcp.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include <cblas.h>
#include <lapacke.h>
#include "blend/solver.h"
#include "pastix_dcores.h"
#include "pastix_dlrcores.h"
#include "d_nan_check.h"

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int core_drqrcp (double tol, pastix_int_t maxrank, int refine, pastix_int_t nb, pastix_int_t m, pastix_int_t n, double *A, pastix_int_t lda, pastix_int_t *jpvt, double *tau, double *work, pastix_int_t lwork, double *rwork)
 Compute a randomized QR factorization. More...
pastix_fixdbl_t core_dge2lr_rqrcp (int use_reltol, pastix_fixdbl_t tol, pastix_int_t rklimit, pastix_int_t m, pastix_int_t n, const void *A, pastix_int_t lda, pastix_lrblock_t *Alr)
 Convert a full rank matrix in a low rank matrix, using RQRCP. More...
pastix_fixdbl_t core_drradd_rqrcp (const pastix_lr_t *lowrank, pastix_trans_t transA1, const void *alphaptr, pastix_int_t M1, pastix_int_t N1, const pastix_lrblock_t *A, pastix_int_t M2, pastix_int_t N2, pastix_lrblock_t *B, pastix_int_t offx, pastix_int_t offy)
 Add two LR structures A=(-u1) v1^T and B=u2 v2^T into u2 v2^T. More...

Detailed Description

PaStiX Rank-revealing QR kernel beased on randomization technique and partial QR with column pivoting.

Claire Soyez-Martin
Esragul Korkmaz
Mathieu Faverge
Generated arithmetic file
from /builds/solverstack/pastix/kernels/core_zrqrcp.c, normal z -> d, Mon Aug 28 13:40:33 2023

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