PaStiX Handbook  6.3.2
codelet_cblk_dadd.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "blend/solver.h"
#include "sopalin/sopalin_data.h"
#include "pastix_dcores.h"
#include "pastix_starpu.h"
#include "pastix_dstarpu.h"
#include "codelets.h"

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static pastix_fixdbl_t fct_cblk_dadd_cost (struct starpu_task *task, struct starpu_perfmodel_arch *arch, unsigned nimpl)
 Cost model function. More...
static void fct_cblk_dadd_cpu (void *descr[], void *cl_arg)
 StarPU CPU implementation. More...
void starpu_task_cblk_dadd_recv (sopalin_data_t *sopalin_data, pastix_coefside_t side, const SolverCblk *cblk, SolverCblk *fcblk, int prio)
 Insert the task to add a fanin cblk on the receiver side (The fanin is seen on this side as the RECV cblk). Note that the caller always execute the task. More...
void starpu_task_cblk_dadd_fanin (sopalin_data_t *sopalin_data, pastix_coefside_t side, const SolverCblk *cblk, int prio)
 Insert the task to add a fanin cblk on the emitter side. Note that this task is submitted only to emit a send to the owner of the associated recv cblk that will perform the add. Thus, the task is always submitted but never executed. More...

Detailed Description

StarPU codelet to sum fanin cblk together.

Alycia Lisito
Mathieu Faverge
Generated arithmetic file
from /builds/solverstack/pastix/sopalin/starpu/codelet_cblk_zadd.c, normal z -> d, Wed Dec 13 12:09:28 2023

Definition in file codelet_cblk_dadd.c.