PaStiX Handbook  6.3.2
order.h File Reference
#include "pastix/config.h"
#include "pastix/datatypes.h"

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Data Structures

struct  pastix_order_s
 Order structure. More...


typedef BEGIN_C_DECLS struct pastix_order_s pastix_order_t
 Order structure. More...


Order basic subroutines
int pastixOrderInit (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t baseval, pastix_int_t vertnbr, pastix_int_t cblknbr, pastix_int_t *const permtab, pastix_int_t *const peritab, pastix_int_t *const rangtab, pastix_int_t *const treetab)
 Initialize the order structure with the given values. More...
int pastixOrderAlloc (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t vertnbr, pastix_int_t cblknbr)
 Allocate the order structure. More...
int pastixOrderAllocId (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t vertnbr)
 Allocate the order structure for a given number of vertices with no cblk, and id permutation. More...
void pastixOrderExit (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr)
 Free the arrays initialized in the order structure. More...
void pastixOrderBase (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t baseval)
 This routine sets the base of the given ordering structure to the given base value. More...
int pastixOrderCheck (const pastix_order_t *const ordeptr)
 This routine checks the correctness of the ordering structure. More...
void pastixOrderExpand (pastix_order_t *ordeptr, const spmatrix_t *spm)
 This routine expand the permutation arrays and the rangtab when the spm is using multiple dof per unknown. More...
int pastixOrderCopy (pastix_order_t *const ordedst, const pastix_order_t *const ordesrc)
 This routine copy a given ordering in a new one. More...
pastix_order_tpastixOrderGet (const pastix_data_t *const pastix_data)
 This routine returns the pointer to the internal order structure to access permutation information. More...
void pastixOrderBcast (pastix_order_t *ordemesh, int root, PASTIX_Comm pastix_comm)
 This routine broadcast the ordemesh structure from node root to all the other nodes. More...
int pastixOrderGrid (pastix_order_t **myorder, pastix_int_t nx, pastix_int_t ny, pastix_int_t nz)
Order IO subroutines
int pastixOrderLoad (const pastix_data_t *pastix_data, pastix_order_t *ordemesh)
 Load an ordering from a file. More...
int pastixOrderSave (pastix_data_t *pastix_data, const pastix_order_t *ordemesh)
 Save an ordering to a file. More...

Detailed Description

PaStiX order structure routines

Francois Pellegrini
Mathieu Faverge
Gregoire Pichon
Pierre Ramet

Definition in file order.h.