PaStiX Handbook  6.3.2
symbol.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "graph/graph.h"
#include "pastix/order.h"
#include "symbol/symbol.h"

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static void symbol_init_adddofs (const pastix_graph_t *graph, const pastix_order_t *order, symbol_matrix_t *symbptr)
 Add a dof array to the symbol matrix if any. More...
void pastixSymbolInit (const pastix_graph_t *graph, const pastix_order_t *order, symbol_matrix_t *symbptr)
 Initialize the symbol structure. More...
void pastixSymbolExit (symbol_matrix_t *symbptr)
 Free the content of symbolic matrix. More...
void pastixSymbolRealloc (symbol_matrix_t *symbptr)
 Reallocate the data structure to optimize the memory alignment. More...
pastix_int_t pastixSymbolGetFacingBloknum (const symbol_matrix_t *symbptr, pastix_int_t bloksrc, pastix_int_t bloknum, pastix_int_t startsearch, int ricar)
 Search the targeted block C for a couple of blocks A and B. More...
void pastixSymbolBuildRowtab (symbol_matrix_t *symbptr)
 Construct the browtab array that stores the blocks in a CSR way. More...
void pastixSymbolPrintStats (const symbol_matrix_t *symbptr)
 Print statistical information about the symbolic matrix structure. More...

Detailed Description

PaStiX symbol structure routines

David Goudin
Francois Pellegrini
Mathieu Faverge
Pascal Henon
Pierre Ramet
Tony Delarue

Definition in file symbol.c.