PaStiX Handbook  6.2.1
pastix_parsec.h File Reference
#include <parsec.h>
#include <parsec/data_distribution.h>

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Data Structures

struct  parsec_sparse_matrix_desc_s
struct  parsec_sparse_vector_desc_t

PaRSEC sparse matrix descriptor

PaRSEC descriptor stucture for the sparse matrix.

typedef struct parsec_sparse_matrix_desc_s parsec_sparse_matrix_desc_t
void parsec_sparse_matrix_init (SolverMatrix *solvmtx, int typesize, int mtxtype, int nodes, int myrank)
 Generate the PaRSEC descriptor of the sparse matrix. More...
void parsec_sparse_matrix_destroy (parsec_sparse_matrix_desc_t *spmtx)
 Free the PaRSEC descriptor of the sparse matrix. More...

PaRSEC vector descriptor

PaRSEC descriptor for the vectors linked to a given sparse matrix.

typedef struct parsec_sparse_vector_desc_t parsec_sparse_vector_desc_t
void parsec_sparse_vector_init (parsec_sparse_vector_desc_t *desc, int typesze, int nodes, int myrank)
void parsec_sparse_vector_destroy (parsec_sparse_vector_desc_t *desc)

Detailed Description

PaRSEC support for the numerical factorization and solve of PaStiX.

Mathieu Faverge
Pierre Ramet

Definition in file pastix_parsec.h.