PaStiX Handbook  6.3.2
order.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include "order/order_internal.h"

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pastix_int_torderGetExpandedPeritab (pastix_order_t *ordeptr, const spmatrix_t *spm)
 This routine expand the peritab array for multi-dof matrices. More...
Order basic subroutines
int pastixOrderAlloc (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t vertnbr, pastix_int_t cblknbr)
 Allocate the order structure. More...
int pastixOrderAllocId (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t vertnbr)
 Allocate the order structure for a given number of vertices with no cblk, and id permutation. More...
int pastixOrderInit (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t baseval, pastix_int_t vertnbr, pastix_int_t cblknbr, pastix_int_t *const permtab, pastix_int_t *const peritab, pastix_int_t *const rangtab, pastix_int_t *const treetab)
 Initialize the order structure with the given values. More...
void pastixOrderExit (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr)
 Free the arrays initialized in the order structure. More...
void pastixOrderBase (pastix_order_t *const ordeptr, pastix_int_t baseval)
 This routine sets the base of the given ordering structure to the given base value. More...
void pastixOrderExpand (pastix_order_t *ordeptr, const spmatrix_t *spm)
 This routine expand the permutation arrays and the rangtab when the spm is using multiple dof per unknown. More...
int pastixOrderCopy (pastix_order_t *const ordedst, const pastix_order_t *const ordesrc)
 This routine copy a given ordering in a new one. More...
pastix_order_tpastixOrderGet (const pastix_data_t *const pastix_data)
 This routine returns the pointer to the internal order structure to access permutation information. More...
void pastixOrderBcast (pastix_order_t *ordemesh, int root, PASTIX_Comm pastix_comm)
 This routine broadcast the ordemesh structure from node root to all the other nodes. More...

Detailed Description

PaStiX order structure routines

Francois Pellegrini
Mathieu Faverge
Pierre Ramet
Vincent Bridonneau

Definition in file order.c.