PaStiX Handbook  6.4.0
fax_csr.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  fax_csr_s
 Fax blocked csr structure. More...


typedef struct fax_csr_s fax_csr_t
 Fax blocked csr structure.


void faxCSRInit (pastix_int_t n, fax_csr_t *csr)
 Initialize the data structure by doing the first allocations within the structure and initializing the fields. More...
void faxCSRClean (fax_csr_t *csr)
 Free the data store in the structure. More...
pastix_int_t faxCSRGetNNZ (const fax_csr_t *csr)
 Computes the number of non zero entries in the graph. More...
int faxCSRGenPA (const pastix_graph_t *graphA, const pastix_int_t *perm, fax_csr_t *graphPA)
 Generate the graph of P*A from the graph of A and the permutation vector. More...
void faxCSRCompact (fax_csr_t *csr)
 Compact a compressed graph. More...
void faxCSRCblkCompress (const fax_csr_t *graphA, const pastix_order_t *order, fax_csr_t *graphL, pastix_int_t *work)
 Compact a element wise graph of a matrix A, according to the associated partition. More...
pastix_int_t faxCSRFactDirect (const fax_csr_t *graphA, const pastix_order_t *order, fax_csr_t *graphL)
 Compute the non zero pattern of the direct factorization of a matrix A, given the supernode partition associated. More...
pastix_int_t faxCSRFactILUk (const fax_csr_t *graphA, const pastix_order_t *order, pastix_int_t level, fax_csr_t *graphL)
 Compute the non zero pattern of the levelized incomplete factor for a sparse lower triangular matrix in CSC format. This pattern is exact iff the matrix has a SYMMETRIC non zero structure. More...
void faxCSRAmalgamate (int ilu, double rat_cblk, double rat_blas, fax_csr_t *graphL, pastix_order_t *order, PASTIX_Comm pastix_comm)
 Amalgamate the given graph up to a given tolerance. More...

Detailed Description

PaStiX fax amalgamation routines

Pascal Henon
Mathieu Faverge

Definition in file fax_csr.h.