PaStiX Handbook  6.3.2
example Directory Reference


file  analyze.c [code]
 A simple example that performs only the analyses steps onto the given graph.
file  compress.c [code]
 A compression example that factorizes the matrix with the Just-In-Time strategy and Rank-Revealing kernels.
file  personal.c [code]
 A step-by-step example with a personal ordering (identity).
file  reentrant.c [code]
 A reentrant example that runs two threads then run two instances of the solver in each thread.
file  refinement.c [code]
 A refinement example that runs iterative methods without applying the preconditioner (factorization and solve steps are not called). Based on the step-by-step example.
file  schur.c [code]
 Schur usage example.
file  simple.c [code]
 A simple example that reads the matrix and then runs pastix in one call.
file  step-by-step.c [code]
 A step-by-step example that runs one full analyze (ordering, symbolic factorization, analyze), then loops over 2 factorizations that are both used for 2 solves each.