PaStiX Handbook  6.2.1
core_cxx2lr.c File Reference
#include "common.h"
#include <cblas.h>
#include "flops.h"
#include "blend/solver.h"
#include "pastix_clrcores.h"

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pastix_fixdbl_t core_cfrfr2lr (core_clrmm_t *params, pastix_lrblock_t *AB, int *infomask, pastix_int_t Kmax)
 Perform the operation AB = op(A) * op(B), with A and B full-rank and AB low-rank. More...
pastix_fixdbl_t core_cfrlr2lr (core_clrmm_t *params, pastix_lrblock_t *AB, int *infomask, pastix_int_t Brkmin)
 Perform the operation AB = op(A) * op(B), with A full-rank and B and AB low-rank. More...
pastix_fixdbl_t core_clrfr2lr (core_clrmm_t *params, pastix_lrblock_t *AB, int *infomask, pastix_int_t Arkmin)
 Perform the operation AB = op(A) * op(B), with B full-rank and A and AB low-rank. More...
pastix_fixdbl_t core_clrlr2lr (core_clrmm_t *params, pastix_lrblock_t *AB, int *infomask)
 Perform the operation AB = op(A) * op(B), with A, B, and AB low-rank. More...

Detailed Description

PaStiX low-rank kernel routines that form the product of two matrices A and B into a low-rank form for an update on a null or low-rank matrix.

Mathieu Faverge
Gregoire Pichon
Pierre Ramet
Generated arithmetic file\n from /builds/solverstack/pastix/kernels/core_zxx2lr.c, normal z -> c, Tue Apr 12 09:38:38 2022

Definition in file core_cxx2lr.c.