PaStiX Handbook  6.3.2
coeftab_c.h File Reference

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PastixComplex32 compression/uncompression routines
pastix_int_t coeftab_ccompress (SolverMatrix *solvmtx)
 Compress all the cblks marked as valid for low-rank format. More...
void coeftab_cuncompress (SolverMatrix *solvmtx)
 Uncompress all column block in low-rank format into full-rank format. More...
void coeftab_cmemory (const SolverMatrix *solvmtx, const pastix_int_t *iparm, pastix_fixdbl_t *dparm)
 Compute the memory usage for the entire matrix. More...
PastixComplex32 Extraction routines
void coeftab_cgetschur (const SolverMatrix *solvmtx, pastix_complex32_t *S, pastix_int_t lds)
 Extract the Schur complement. More...
void coeftab_cgetdiag (const SolverMatrix *solvmtx, pastix_complex32_t *D, pastix_int_t incD)
 Extract the diagonal. More...
PastixComplex32 debug routines
void coeftab_cdump (pastix_data_t *pastix_data, const SolverMatrix *solvmtx, const char *filename)
 Dump the solver matrix coefficients into a file in human readable format. More...
void cpucblk_cdumpfile (pastix_coefside_t side, SolverCblk *cblk, pastix_int_t itercblk, const char *directory)
 Dump a single column block into a FILE in a human readale format. More...
int coeftab_cdiff (pastix_coefside_t side, const SolverMatrix *solvA, SolverMatrix *solvB)
 Compare two solver matrices in full-rank format with the same data distribution. More...

Detailed Description

Precision dependent coeficient array header.

David Goudin
Pascal Henon
Francois Pellegrini
Pierre Ramet
Mathieu Faverge
Xavier Lacoste
Esragul Korkmaz
Gregoire Pichon
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